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Welcome to the Holcombe Family Genealogy home page where we post the genealogies of the descendants of Thomas Holcombe
and related families. In addition we will keep information on the unverified ancestors of Thomas in hopes that we might promote
research that will verify his ancestry.
Our Mission

Our intent is to expand the work of Seaver, McCracken, Bowman and others into the 20th Century. The first step of this process is
to post on the web their genealogies compiled into one web site.

We then invite others to send their documented additions and corrections that will be posted as quickly as possible to promote
additional feedback. We would like to use the web and its tools as much as possible.

Lastly, it is only appropriate to "give something back" so some of the census records we have come across have been transcribed
and enhanced and are now available on the web.
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For those of you who prefer to read a genealogy in a more traditional, printed format: The Descendants of Thomas Holcombe
Passengers on the Mary and John
Aaron Cooke
George Dyer
John Holman
Thomas Lombard
Henry Smith
Stephen Terry
George Ludlow
Roger Ludlow
John Maverick
Edward Rossiter
Richard Southcott
Thomas Southcott
Nicholas Upsall
Founders of Ancient Windsor
Mayflower Pilgrims
Granby Civil War Casualties     The Monument
Henry Saunders
Lafayeet Tillotson
Cyrus R. Bunnell
Edwin W. Jones
George W. Terrill
Eugene Wilcox
Lyman U. Church
Linus Webster
Leonard Percy
James H. Dibble
Francis L. Smith
Lorenzo K. LeMoin
James Hayes
Frederick A. Pettibone
Joseph W. Roberts
Diedric Day
Orey Gains
Henry Elkey
George Elkey
William Weed
Roswell M. Allen
Leland O. Barlow
Franklin Clark
Ebenerzer S.  Emerson
Robert P. Morgan
Austin Goodman
George F. Sands
Ira Wood
Duwaine Brown
Woodruff Hoskins
Dennis Hoy
William Huner
Stephen K. Kittel
John Rapp
Cornelius Reeder
Austin Elkey
James Jackson
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This web research is not possible without the thousands of people who contribute to their local genealogy societies and post their own
research to help others. Below are some sites of individual users and also some "commercial" sites that have searchable data bases.
These are but a few of the many we have had the pleasure to find:
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Hartford County, Connecticut on the USGenWeb; this site changes frequently and is not under my control. This is an FTP site.  Start
with the "indx" files at the end to find the surname you are looking for.  It will tell you which text file has your data.

Granby, Connecticut and Avon, Connecticut PDF files. You will need Adobe's Acrobat reader to view these files. These are 150 page
documents that are nearly half a megabyte in size each and will take about 5 minutes to display on your computer.  If you want to
print the whole thing, be sure to load a lot of paper. These are the entire copyrighted books as they were printed and bound and
submitted to the copyright office.
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The Society has available for sale a limited number of books for Holcombe and Huggins descendants:

My Grandmother Nancy

by the late genealogist, Seth P. Holcombe. It contains transcripts of letters written to James Huggins Holcomb by his mother, Nancy
Smith (Huggins) Holcomb Mills over a period of 20 years. The 78 page hardcover book may be purchased for $18 postpaid from:

Salmon Brook Historical Society, P.O. Box 840, Granby, CT 06035
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Please contact us as often as possible with as much information as you can provide. We need your data, in any format, GEDCOM, or
in the native format of your own genealogy software.

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3600 Eaglerock Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340

General Information: jhholcombe@worldnet.att.net

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