Mary Elliott1

b. 1703, d. 24 July 1738
     Mary Elliott was born in 1703.1 She married John Overall on 8 October 1722 at St. Paul's, Prince William Co., VA.1 Mary Elliott died on 24 July 1738 at Prince William Co, VA.1

Child of Mary Elliott and John Overall


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(?) Jackson1

     (?) Jackson married Elizabeth C. Hastings.1


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Abijah Loomis

b. 15 April 1774, d. 12 August 1842
     Abijah Loomis was born on 15 April 1774 at CT.1 He was the son of Abijah Loomis and Mary Kellog. Abijah Loomis married Margaret Rowe on 5 March 1795.2 Abijah Loomis died on 12 August 1842 at Maine, Broome Co., NY, at age 68.2

Children of Abijah Loomis and Margaret Rowe


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Ruth McCurry1

b. July 1899
     Ruth McCurry was born in July 1899 at KS.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Creekmore McCurry and Margaret Belle Wright.1


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Robert Carter1

b. circa 1663, d. 4 August 1732
     Robert Carter also went by the name of King Carter. He was born circa 1663 at Lancaster Co., VA.1 He was the son of John Carter and Sarah Ludlow.1 Robert Carter married Judith Armistead in 1688. Robert Carter married Elizabeth Landon circa 1701.1 Robert Carter died on 4 August 1732 at Corotoman, Lancaster Co., VA.1 He was buried at Christ Church, Lancaster Co., VA.

Child of Robert Carter and Judith Armistead

Children of Robert Carter and Elizabeth Landon


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Sarah Harrison

     Sarah Harrison was the daughter of Benjamin Harrison II. Sarah Harrison married Reverend Dr. James Blair.

Eldred Ellsworth McWhorter

b. 26 March 1864, d. 1888
     Eldred Ellsworth McWhorter was born on 26 March 1864 at Cross Keys, AL. He was the son of Major Eliphalet Ariel McWhorter and Anna Gore Shepherd. Eldred Ellsworth McWhorter died in 1888 at St. Marys, Camden Co., GA. He was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Marys, Camden Co., GA.

Francis Lee1

b. 1648, d. November 1714
     Francis Lee was born in 1648.1 He was the son of Richard Lee and Anne Constable.1 Francis Lee died in November 1714.1 He was buried at St. Dionis Backchurch, London, England.1


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Francis Lightfoot Lee1

b. 14 October 1734, d. 11 January 1797
     Francis Lightfoot Lee was born on 14 October 1734 at Stratford, Westmoreland Co., VA.1,2 He was the son of Thomas Lee and Hannah Ludwell.1 Francis Lightfoot Lee married Rebecca Tayloe on 9 March 1769 at Mount Airy, Richmond Co., VA.2 Francis Lightfoot Lee died on 11 January 1797 at Menokin, Richmond Co., VA, at age 62.1,2


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Thomas Hinckley

     Thomas Hinckley was the son of Samuel Hinckley and Sarah Pope. Thomas Hinckley married Mercy (?)1

Child of Thomas Hinckley and Mercy (?)


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Bryant Stringham Hinckley

b. 9 July 1867, d. 5 June 1961
     Bryant Stringham Hinckley married Ada Bitner.1 Bryant Stringham Hinckley was born on 9 July 1867 at Coalville, UT. He was the son of Ira Nathaniel Hinckley and Angeline Wilcox Noble. Bryant Stringham Hinckley died on 5 June 1961 at age 93.

Bryant was an American author, religious speaker, civic leader and educator. He served as a prominent mid-level leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the early 20th century. His books were primarily designed for a Latter-day Saint audience.

Hinckley was the father of Gordon B. Hinckley, who would later serve as an apostle and the president of the LDS Church. His brother, Alonzo A. Hinckley was also an Apostle. His father was Ira Hinckley.

Hinckley was the principal of the Latter-day Saint high school in Salt Lake City. During the first decade of the 20th century, he was the head of LDS Business College. Hinckley had previously been the head of the Commercial Department at Brigham Young Academy. Today there is a scholarship at LDS Business College named after Hinckley.

Hinckley later served as the superintendent of the LDS Church owned Deseret Gym.
Born in Coalville, Utah, Hinckley was president of the Liberty Stake in Salt Lake City in the 1920s, which was then the largest stake in the church with about 20,000 members.

He also served on the general board of the LDS Church's organization for young men, the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association. While on this board he moved for the adoption of the Boy Scout program by the church. He had also been on one of the committees that led to the establishment of the Improvement Era. Other members of this committee included B. H. Roberts and Reed Smoot.

In the 1930s Hinckley was president of the Northern States Mission of the LDS Church, which was based in Chicago. While serving in this position he tried to convince the leaders of the LDS Church to rebuild the Nauvoo Temple. Also while in this position he represented the church at the dedication of the monument to the Mormon handcart pioneers in Iowa City erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1936.[4] Also in this capacity he was involved in organizing the celebration of the centennial of Nauvoo in 1939.

Hinckley was also a popular speaker. He attended Brigham Young Academy where he studied under Karl G. Maeser. He won a contest to be the speaker at his commencement, and would be noted the rest of his life as a great orator. Among other speeches to church congregations he gave at least two talks at general conferences.

Hinckley also participated in giving talks in the church's "Church of the Air" program on KSL radio in the 1930s.

From 1940-1941 Hinckley served as the President of the BYU Alumni Association. While in this office he was responsible for the formation of the emeritus club, of which he latter served as the leader.

For a time there was a "Bryant S. Hinckley Award" given to recognize people for the service they had performed in boy scouts.

Hinckley married four times, his first three wives having predeceased him. In 1893, Hinckley married Christina Johnson (1870–1908). After Johnson's death, he married Ada Bitner (1880–1930) in 1909. After Bitner's death, he married May Green (1881–1943) in 1932. After Green's death, he married Lois Anderson (1889–1983) in 1944.

All of Hinckley's children were born to his first two wives, Christina Johnson and Ada Bitner.

Child of Bryant Stringham Hinckley and Ada Bitner


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Hepzibah Boardman

     Hepzibah Boardman married David Goodrich, son of Col. David Goodrich and Hannah Wright, on 31 December 1721.

Child of Hepzibah Boardman and David Goodrich

George Wolfley

     George Wolfley was the son of Ludwig Lewis Wolfley.

Child of George Wolfley

David F. Holcombe IV

b. 18 January 1952, d. 12 April 1986
     David F. Holcombe IV was born on 18 January 1952 at Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY. He was the son of Kenneth Henry Holcombe II and Shirley Champagne. David F. Holcombe IV died on 12 April 1986 at Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY, at age 34. He was buried on 15 April 1986 at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY.

Rebecca Jumper1

b. circa 1909
     Rebecca Jumper was born circa 1909 at VA. She was the daughter of Jim Jumper and Eliza Tinsley.2 As of 1918, Rebecca Jumper was adopted and known as Rebecca Coleman. She married Purnell Nathaniel Shields, son of Robert Lee Shields and Anna Estelle Lawson.1

When her parents both died in North Carolina during the 1918 Flu Epidemic, their children "were dispersed to far-flung corners of the country" and Rebecca was adopted by her Aunt Carrie and her husband John Coleman. 2

Child of Rebecca Jumper and Purnell Nathaniel Shields


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Robert E. Holcombe

b. 30 January 1924, d. 7 March 2009
     Robert E. Holcombe was born on 30 January 1924.1 He was the son of Earl Holcombe and Ola (?) Robert E. Holcombe married Ethel Webb in May 1950. Robert E. Holcombe died on 7 March 2009 at Greene, Chenango Co., NY, at age 85.1


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Esther Dutch

b. 1639, d. 6 September 1721
     Esther Dutch was born in 1639 at Gloucester, Essex Co., MA. She was the daughter of Osmond Dutch.1 Esther Dutch married Samuel Elwell, son of Robert Elwell and Joan (?), on 7 June 1658 at Gloucester, Essex Co., MA. Esther Dutch died on 6 September 1721 at Gloucester, Essex Co., MA.

Esther was accused of witchcraft in a deposition on 8 November 1892 for choking Mary Fitch. However, she was never tried because the court had been decomissioned. She lived to be 82.

Child of Esther Dutch and Samuel Elwell


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Charles Arthur Moore Jr.

     Charles Arthur Moore Jr. was the son of Charles Arthur Moore and Mary L. Campbell. Charles Arthur Moore Jr. married Elizabeth Hyde.

Child of Charles Arthur Moore Jr. and Elizabeth Hyde

Electa French Hemenway1

b. 10 October 1836, d. 21 June 1925
     Electa French Hemenway was born on 10 October 1836 at Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.1 She married Giles Hawkins Tomlinson on 29 April 1856.1 Electa French Hemenway died on 21 June 1925 at Williams Center, OH, at age 88.1


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Francis Edward McKinney Sr.

b. 16 June 1904, d. 9 January 1974
     Francis Edward McKinney Sr. was born on 16 June 1904 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.1 He was the son of Roscoe Anthony McKinney and Anna Marie Moss.2,3 Francis Edward McKinney Sr. was also known as Frank Edward McKinney. He married Margaret Kathleen Warner, daughter of Jonathan Francis Warner and Katherine Zeien, on 24 November 1932 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.4 Francis Edward McKinney Sr. died on 9 January 1974 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, at age 69.1,3 He was buried at Calvary Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.5

Frank E. and Margaret were enumerated in the 1940 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, federal census. He was a CPA age 35, she was 32. Children in the household were Claire 6, Robert 3, and Frank E. Jr. 1.

Frank was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1951 through 1952. He was hand-picked for the post by then-President Harry S Truman.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, McKinney served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a delegate to several Democratic National Conventions from Indiana. In addition to working as a banker and being active in Indiana politics, McKinney was a co-owner of baseball teams, including the Louisville Colonels, the Indianapolis Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

One of McKinney's first acts as DNC chairman was to advocate that all collectors of internal revenue be civil service, rather than political patronage, jobs.

From the Kokomo Tribune, 1 November 1951:


Frank Edward McKinney, a 47 -year-old Indianapolis businessman, got into Indiana state politics because the Democratic Party there was broke.

Back in 1948, after four years of Republican rule, the Democratic State committee was in the red. The party had barely enough funds to keep its state headquarters open.

Party leaders began a search for a man who could raise the money to finance the important campaign for governor. McKinney got the call. He raised nearly $225,000. The Democrats won the election.

The curly haired cigar smoking banker, born in Indianapolis n June 16, 1904, began his Horatio Alger climb in the Hooser capital in the early 1920's.

Then a lanky kid who managed a crack semi-pro team--the Sacred Heart Young Men's club--McKinney attracted the attention of Ownie Bush, former big league shortstop and manager. Bush was a power in Democratic politics in the south side's "bloody thirteenth" ward. The party needed a bright young man for future leadership.

Bush and William (Billy) Clauer, a top ward boss, recommended McKinney. That was his introduction to politics.

Son of a city fireman of Irish descent, McKinney was working in an Indianapolis bank as a bookkeeper, within a decade he became cashier. At 30 he was elected president of the Fidelity Trust Company, an Indianapolis bank.

McKinney was elected Marion county treasurer in 1934. Two years later he was re-elected. In those years county treasurers collected large fees. McKinney’s friends say those four years gave him his financial start.

McKinney had always wanted to own a baseball team. With Bush and Tom Yawkey of Boston, he purchased the Louisville American Association team. At the end of the 1940 season Yawkey bought out their interest in the club.

Frank M. McHale, Democratic national committeeman from Indiana, meanwhile began promoting Paul V. McNutt, then high commissioner to the Philippines, for the presidency. McKinney became treasurer of the McNutt-for-President organization. When the campaign fizzled, McKinney became assistant treasurer of the Democratic National committee.

Shortly before Pearl Harbor, McKinney and Bush bought the Indianapolis Indians of the American Association. The Indians took the pennant in 1948 and the Little World Series in 1949.

McKinney became part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates in August 1946. He sold his interest in July, 1940, and later got out of the Indianapolis baseball picture, except for a few shares.

Because of other business interests, McKinney resigned as treasurer of the Indiana Democratic committee in March, 1951. Now he devotes most of his time to the bank.

The McKinneys have four children: Claire Marie, 18; Robert, 15; Frank E. McKinney Jr., 12 and Margaret Kathlee, almost one.

Children of Francis Edward McKinney Sr. and Margaret Kathleen Warner


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Bertie Holcombe1

b. circa 1876
     Bertie Holcombe was born circa 1876 at OH.1 He was the son of Willis Holcombe and Frank C. (?)1


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William Goring

d. say 1715
     William Goring married Sarah Buell, daughter of Sgt. Peter Buell and Martha Cogan, on 11 September 1700. William Goring died say 1715.

Elias Slater

b. 21 June 1680, d. 4 October 1734
     Elias Slater was born on 21 June 1680 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. He was the son of John Slater and Abiah Gillet. Elias Slater married Sarah Buell, daughter of Sgt. Peter Buell and Martha Cogan, circa 1715. Elias Slater died on 4 October 1734 at age 54.

Child of Elias Slater and Sarah Buell

Salmon Eno1

b. 13 December 1779, d. 3 April 1842
     Salmon Eno was born on 13 December 1779 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.1 He was the son of Jonathan Eno and Mary Goodrich Hart. Salmon Eno married Mary Richards in 1805.2 Salmon Eno died on 3 April 1842 at CT at age 62.1

Child of Salmon Eno


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Wayne Samuel Holcombe

b. 1906
     Wayne Samuel Holcombe was born in 1906. He was the son of Rollin Henry Holcombe and Mary Jane Nadeau.

Myron Timothy Holcombe

b. 14 September 1910, d. 9 May 1913
     Myron Timothy Holcombe was born on 14 September 1910 at Addison, Addison Co., VT. He was the son of Rollin Henry Holcombe and Mary Jane Nadeau. Myron Timothy Holcombe died on 9 May 1913 at Addison, Addison Co., VT, at age 2. He was buried at Town Line Cemetery, Bridport, Addison Co., VT.1


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John Wesley Adams

b. 2 August 1900, d. 11 January 1986
     John Wesley Adams was born on 2 August 1900 at Panton, Addison Co., VT. He married Mildred Louise Holcombe, daughter of Rollin Henry Holcombe and Mary Jane Nadeau, on 19 December 1925 at Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT. John Wesley Adams died on 11 January 1986 at Winooski, Chittenden Co., VT, at age 85. He was buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT.1

Child of John Wesley Adams and Mildred Louise Holcombe


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Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi III1

b. 1779, d. 1838
     Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi III was born in 1779.1 He was the son of Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi II and Leopolda di Savoja.1 Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi III married Teresia Orsini in 1808.1 Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi III died in 1838.1

Child of Prince Giovanni Andrea Doria-Pamfili-Landi III and Teresia Orsini


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Lord Francesco Gattilusio1

d. 1384
     Lord Francesco Gattilusio married Maria Palaiologina in 1355.1 Lord Francesco Gattilusio died in 1384.1

Noted Genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner in 1995 traced some of the descendants of the original rulers of the island of Lesbos, including Prince Rainier and Brooke Shields. 1 William succumbed to cancer on 12 November 2010. His research appears throughout this site.

Child of Lord Francesco Gattilusio and Maria Palaiologina


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